How do I download routes and waypoints, what is the file format?

To download the tracks and waypoints, you just click on the Download link within each article.

When you click on the link, your computer should ask you if you want to "Open" the file or "Save" it. Just choose "Open" and it should open the file in your GPS software, so that you can transfer it to your GPS.

The file will be downloaded to your computer in .gpx format. This is a standard format that should open the routes and waypoints in any GPS software on your computer, allowing you to transfer the information to your GPS.

If you are unable to transfer the tracks and waypoints to your GPS, please Contact Us to let us know what problem you are having.  We may be able to help you, and your feedback will allow us to improve our download process.

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 April 2009 00:41