Solutions to Issues We Face Living in the High Colorado Mountains

This section contains information on the sometimes-challenging trials of mountain life. There is a lot of info here for those of you who have just made the choice to move out of the city to the mountains, and probably some useful tips for experienced mountain folk also. Just click on an article from the list below to learn more.

There are also some links to products and services that I have found to be a necessary part of mountain living. Do I make money when you order these products and services from this web site? Sometimes, a tiny bit. It helps to support my habit of creating informative web sites.

# Article Title Hits
1 Internet In The Mountains 21644
2 Television in the Mountains 5024
3 Why your car doesn't "go" in the mountains. 6586
4 Keeping In Touch - Long Distance Service 4455
5 Cell Phone Service in the Mountains 7290
6 Well water turned nasty? 9271