Keeping In Touch - Long Distance Service

If you are like me, you have moved away from friends and family to live your dream lifestyle in the mountains. For many of us this means a lot of long distance phone calls. The local phone carriers do a great job of convincing people to switch to one of their monthly plans that includes caller-id, long distance, and tons of "features" that you don't actually need.

Are these the best deal though? I have never found them to be. I've found that it's much cheaper to stick with the cheapest basic local phone service, and then switch your long distance provider to a carrier that's reasonably priced.

I have been a subscriber to Pioneer Long Distance service for a couple years now, and they have been great. I have not found any lower rates on long distance anywhere, plus their automic billing means it doesn't have to be another bill to pay every month. Just review your invoice to make sure the charges make sense. They've never made a mistake on my bill. They have 2 different plans, although there is very little difference in cost between them. Click the following link to sign up: Pioneer Telephone


Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 April 2009 16:53