Why Use GPS and Downloadable Tracks?
Why GPS?

This site uses GPS tracks and waypoints to help you find your way, rather than lengthy trail descriptions that are found in guidebooks and other hiking web sites. Trail descriptions always seem confusing, as you are not always sure where the area is that the author is referring to (do I turn at THIS giant boulder, or the next one?!)

GPS is a much more exacting method of trail description. It allows you to discover the area on your own instead of reading all the details beforehand. You can also import GPS tracks and waypoints into cartographic software such as Google Earth and topographic map software, which can provide you more navigation options and more familiarity with the route.

I always plot my basic course on a printed paper topo before setting out, in case my GPS dies. That, along with carrying a good compass, serves as a backup to inherently fallible GPS technology. I navigated the backcountry for over 15 years before consumer GPS's became affordable, I recommend that everyone practice old fashioned navigation as a backup.

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 April 2009 00:39