Travois-Evening Sun Loop, Near Black Hawk

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This hike, in Centennial Cone Open Space Park between Golden and Black Hawk, has some up and down but is only about 2.8 miles long so it’s not very difficult. It’s a great hike for families or dog walking. This hike isn’t impacted by the seasonal closure of Elk Range Trail, so it’s a great springtime trip.

You can hike or mountain bike this trail, although it’s a bit short for a mountain bike. The scenery along this trail is excellent, with some fairly steep ledge dropoffs that provide excellent cliff views. This trail takes you through some old homestead sites as well, so you will see abandoned roads and collapsing barns along the way.

This park has some strange rules which you should be aware of. Before coming to this park make sure you read my Centennial Cone Overview page for details and closures: Centennial Cone Overview Page

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