White Ranch Trails Overview, Golden

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White Ranch Open Space Park is a Jeffersion County park in the foothills north-west of Golden, Colorado. There are a variety of well-maintained trails for all ability levels. Most trails are long enough to provide a good workout, with excellent … Continued

Centennial Cone Overview

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Centennial Cone is a scenic foothills park between Golden and Black Hawk, Colorado. The park offers challenging, lengthy trails that are favorites of hikers and mountain bikers. Trails often have steep ledge dropoffs, but the reward is expansive foothills views. … Continued

The Top 14er’s to Hike.

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Colorado has 54 official peaks that are 14,000 feet or higher, as well as some other peaks that are too close to other 14’ers to qualify themselves. The highest is Mt. Elbert at 14,433. Many of them can be summitted … Continued

Snow and Avalanche Report

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Colorado maintains an Avalanche Information Center to ensure the safety of anyone who travels in the Colorado winter backcountry. If you don’t know how to read the avalanche report, you don’t belong in the backcountry! It’s that important to your … Continued

List of every ski area in Colorado

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This is a list of every alpine ski area I know of in Colorado. I’m sure I’m missing quite a few of the backcountry sites so let me know and I’ll add them. Click on them to go to the … Continued

Snake River Snowshoe Trail at Keystone

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Keystone has an excellent and reasonably affordable Nordic center if you are interested in using their facilities, but there is also good snowshoeing right along the small Snake River. This short and easy trail wanders along the river behind some … Continued