Centennial Cone Summit, near Black Hawk

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This fairly easy hike near Black Hawk and Golden, ascends to the summit of Centennial Cone Park’s namesake. The only thing that lends it any difficulty is the fact that part of it is off trail, and it’s pretty steep in places. There is a summit register here, as well as some excellent foothills views. Also note that this trip requires using the Elk Range Trail which is closed in the Spring (see Centennial Cone Overview below for details).

There are several routes in the download for this trip. CentConeAprch is the easy one. If you just want a quick easy trip, just follow that track back down also. For a tougher challenge, bushwhack your way around the mountainside, roughly following the CentConReturn track, until you come to the Old Road, and go up it a short distance to find the old site of a Pegmatite Mine.

This park has some strange rules which you should be aware of. Before coming to this park make sure you read my Centennial Cone Overview page for details and closures: Centennial Cone Overview Page      

Download Centennial Cone Tracks and Waypoints (229 downloads)

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