Fairburn mountain summit and geocache, Black Hawk.

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Fairburn Mountain is an all too often overlooked peak in the Gilpin County high country near Black Hawk. It’s easily accessed from Cold Springs Campground, which has a free picnic area parking lot, perfect for day hikers. The summit altitude is around 10,420 feet. My summer roundtrip was nearly 3 hours, although I spent quite a bit of time on the summit. Fairburn mountain summit as seen from the route.

There is a summit register here and a geocache. You can see by checking both of the logs that this is a lonely mountain. It’s a great trip for a bit of trailless backcountry solitude. Be aware of Bears in this area! Activity is very heavy. Here is a link to the Geocache: A Fairburn Bushwhack

Download Fairburn Tracks and Waypoints (197 downloads)

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