Mt. Galbraith Balloon Loop, Golden.

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Mount Galbraith is a Jefferson County Open Space Park in Golden, Colorado. The main feature of this foothills hike: the views! There is no better place to get a sense of the topography of the Golden area, than from the vistas along this trail. Then you round a bend and are blown away by the distant views of Mount Evans. This trail is narrow in places with some impressive dropoffs and some rocky ledge crossings, but overall it’s very easy. It’s a fairly exposed trail with a few short jaunts under the cover of trees. Total length is 4.3 miles and it took me about 2 hours of casual walking to complete it.

Try to only visit this trail during non-peak times. The parking lot overflows onto the road and creates a dangerous traffic mess during most weekends.

Download Mt Galbraith Tracks and Waypoints (165 downloads)

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