Up Mount Evans from Echo Lake, near Idaho Springs

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There is a trail leaving the parking area next to Echo Lake that few people know about. Most people just snowshoe up Mt. Evans road from Echo Lake, but if you follow these tracks you will find a wonderful, but narrow, trail for more experienced cross country skiers. This trail is best for nordic skiers who can handle tight tree terrain. If you are on snowshoes, please do not step on the cross country ski tracks! We hate it when you do that! Those tracks are important for skiers and should not be trampled. I have only tracked a short distance up this trail because it was very late when I got there and I ran out of time. But you can figure it out from there, and hopefully the tracks will be in the snow for you to follow anyway. This download also contains the entire road route from Idaho Springs past Echo Lake and Echo Mountain ski area to Bergen Park near Evergreen. There are excellent stops all along this route for snowshoeing and skiing.

Download Mt Evans Ski Trail Tracks and Waypoints (183 downloads)

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